The Benefits of 12V Battery Isolator Switch

TrueAm 12V Battery Isolator Switch

TrueAm 12V Battery Isolator Switch

A smart battery isolator switch allows an additional battery to be charged by the vehicles charging system, yet not be engaged in motor starting. It also eliminates the starting battery from being drained by your accessories when the charging source is insufficient, engine is off to charge both batteries.

This unique technology is a hybrid device. It engages state-of-the art solid state technology to efficiently deal with both protection and charging capabilities.

This smart battery isolator switch is employed to manage battery systems that charge off the alternator. Let the auxiliary power packs be eliminated by the equipment or start the car. It allows the secondary battery to be charged at the rate determined by the alternator output. To do this efficiently the correct size of cable needs to be utilized during installation. Larger lead acid batteries when significantly discharged could make use of as much as 150 amps. For this reason you should select large enough cable to handle the amps produced by your charging source or alternator.

The benefits of smart battery isolator switch are as follows:


  • It allows you to safely charge a secondary battery from the vehicle’s electrical charging system. Most alternators now have an internal regulator that controls the voltage output. The battery isolator switch works with this voltage to determine where the available voltage and corresponding amps are most needed. This automatic mode defines the “Smart” in Battery Isolator Switch providing a more efficient dual battery isolator.
  • It isolates the secondary battery from the electronics attached to the primary electrical bus thus preventing discharge of your secondary battery by any devices connected to the primary electrical system or when starting the car. Some models have an emergency “Jump Start” mode which allows for a temporary override in an emergency such as engine starting. With this setting it performs as a dual battery relay.
  • It makes it possible for you to operate devices in your truck, RV or other vehicle without disconnecting from the vehicles primary power bus. When the vehicle’s engine is running and producing sufficient voltage all accessories will utilize this available power. When the engine is stopped the accessories will draw their power only from the secondary battery leaving the primary battery fully charged for starting.
  •  The emergency “Jump Start” mode enables the secondary battery to “Jump” or nourish power back to the startup process if the starting battery pack is inactive or low. This could to give a boost in cold weather conditions or if that pesky squirrel snuck inside the cab and left the lights on all night.

The secondary battery often is a deep cycle battery isolator designed to allow for repeated charge /discharge cycles. The battery isolator switch can be used as a low-voltage cutout to preserve the car’s battery from becoming drawn below 12.6 volts with no additional diodes or current sense resistors required, the model is a self enclosed dual battery isolation relay.